Out with the old, in with the new!

After having a Squarespace website for two years I’ve decided to give my site an overhaul and save a few pennies in the process! I was getting pretty fed up of the look of my old site and it wasn’t that easy to update especially if I didn’t do it very often. I decided to rage quit and move over to WordPress as it’s (almost) readily available to use (though I’m still getting used to the ropes).

One of the main things that my previous site lacked was an accessible blog and it’s this that I want to focus on in this new space. I’m considering leaving my portfolio on Artstation (as it does a really good job of displaying artistic portfolios) and using this site to document my adventures into the realm that is three dimensional. Regardless of what I end up doing, this site will be getting regular new content in the form of documented 3D workflows, live demonstrations, related articles and good ol’ tips and tricks. Nothing like keeping things simple!

If you are interested in seeing how things unfold then please follow me on Twitter and leave me a comment below!


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