Stairway to Heaven

A fictional environment inspired by the radar tower that sits atop the Haiku Stairs in Hawaii.

This environment was created live on Twitch. If you're interested in how I created it or want to see my workflow in action then drop by my streams at

I wanted to create an environment that only used a handful of assets and concentrate more on the composition, set dress and lighting of the scene.

John griffiths stairway 02

Stairway - Late evening

John griffiths stairway 01

Stairway - Day

John griffiths stairway 03

Stairway - Night

John griffiths assets foliage 01

Foliage assets used in the environment

John griffiths assets manmade 01

Man-made assets used in the environment

John griffiths fern boards a breakdown

Foliage (Fern Board) Texture Breakdown (AO - Albedo - Normal - Roughness)

John griffiths installation floor a breakdown

Man-made (Installation Floor) Texture Breakdown (Normal - Albedo - Roughness - Metalness)