Blocktober 2018 - Creating a market scene from my imagination in 3D

A recorded stream of one of the environments I created as part of #Blocktober in 2018. In each video I work through my process of bringing an environment to life and how thinking about scale, composition, light and colour early on in the process can pay off hugely later on.
In part 1 I go through finding reference, breaking it down, modelling, placement, composition, lighting, and colour. In part 2 I transfer the environment to UE4, create extra props, set dress the scene and work up the final look of the block out.
Video length = 2 x 3 hour recorded footage. For more game art related content check out my YouTube channel:

Gathering reference, blocking out the environment, thinking about light, colour and composition

Getting the block out into UE4, adding props and set dressing