Hi all!

I’m John, a 3D Environment Artist from the UK. I’ve worked in several different CG industries in my time and plan on working in a few more before I’m done! I use this site as a space to blog about my endeavours into 3D and things I’ve learnt over the years. I use other websites outside of this blog to help others and to promote myself:

  • ArtStation – My latest portfolio pieces.
  • Twitch – I host a regular creative art stream. My way of giving back to the community by providing live demonstrations of workflows and techniques, answer industry Q&A’s, and give feedback to others working on their own projects.
  • Twitter – Generally I tweet when I’m streaming, work-in-progress images and retweet a lot of awesome stuff that others are creating.
  • YouTube – Tutorials I’ve created, playlists of environments I’ve made
  • Pinterest – Let’s get inspired!
  • Discord – I’m building a learning community. Also the best way of keeping up to date with my art stream.

I’m a STEM Video Game Ambassador and have given many talks to young people and students on my career and more specialised topics. If you want me to come to your school or University then get in touch through the contact form or hit me up on Twitter!